High Quality Video Services

Video Installation & CCTV installation in Cedar Rapids, IA

Video technology is constantly moving and changing. If you want to take your visual experiences to the next level, turn to Paradigm. We can help to specify the right equipment and technology for your in house events, and take your message outside of the building to countless participants worldwide. To learn more about our video installation and live stream services, get in touch today.

Get up to date with your video system.

Whether you need to upgrade to 4K/HD, need a new live stream suite, or help with your current system, we are ready.

Are you live streaming?

In the last year many organizations have transitioned toward a live streaming delivery solution to reach their audiences, congregations, or constituents. Don’t get left behind! We can provide you with a professional quality live streaming solution that is simple to use and budget-friendly.

Get your message seen.

Experts say that the more senses you can engage with your audience, the better they will remember the message. Digital signage is a powerful way to take your engagement to the next level! Create interactive announcements, display upcoming events, show live news and weather updates, view and update content remotely from anywhere. From simple slide shows to fully interactive messaging sent directly to mobile devices, we’ve got you covered.


Equipment and services include:

• Live Streaming
• Digital Signage
• Cameras
• Switchers
• Recorders and playback
• Lighting
• Distribution
• Broadcast and Production Equipment
• Tripods and hardware

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