We've seen it all! Microphone drop outs, lose control of lighting, monitors stop working, scratchy sound, no sound, projector image is distorted, etc. At this point it takes something extra weird to surprise us. Let us help you get back on track. We start at the beginning and trace the problem through the entire system to determine the exact cause and offer solutions.


Our technicians are quipped to do an initial setup, or an update to your control consoles. We can provide updated programming and configuration based on your current needs. Along with console programming we can also help configure audio and lighting I/O and data. We have experience with digital audio signal transmission, (Dante, AES50, ETC) and lighting data systems (DMX 512, sACN, ArtNet, MA Net, Pathway, ETC.).


Sometimes equipment fails. It's the unwelcome reality in the production world. When a piece of equipment fails, it can mean the end of the show. That's why fast and reliable repair is crucial. We have knowledgeable technicians and access to replacement parts for almost everything.


Your time is important and many organizations don't have full time technical staff to be able to take care of equipment repair, routine maintenance, evaluation, and advice. One of our popular services is a service contract. Sign up for a 3 year agreement and we take care of everything for you. Twice a year our teams will schedule a visit. During the visit we discuss current needs and concerns with the leadership as well as future growth, short term and long term ideas. Then we clean and test every piece of equipment, we trace and test all mic, tie, drive, data, video lines, and we inspect infrastructure, rigging and mounting hardware for safety. After our visit, we generate a report where equipment is evaluated so you are aware that equipment is fully functional, needs some repair, reaching end of life and will need replaced. This service really helps organizations prepare financially for equipment needs.