LED Lights and More

Lighting and design services in Cedar Rapids, IA

No matter the application we have the technology and experience to accept every challenge. We handle everything from conventional stage lighting to state of the art LED moving lights including design, installation, and repair. Whether you are looking for fixtures to supplement your current rig, new fixtures, a new control interface, or help with your current setup, we're equipped and ready.

Let lighting tell the story:

Lighting is not only illumination. It is a powerful tool to enhance themes and moods in a presentation. With the use of lighting angles color, texture, and shadow you can create dynamic lighting effects that demand an emotional response or draw attention to something specific. We have experienced designers and technicians that can take your vision and make it a reality.

Equipment and services include:

    •Multi Zone Control
    •Controllers and Consoles
    •Conventional Fixtures
    •Follow Spots
    •Moving lights
    •Color Changing LED Lights
    •Custom LED Solutions
    •DMX, sACN, ArtNet MA Net, ETC Net, Etc.
    •Hanging and Rigging Hardware

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