Control Systems

Lighting controllers, audio mixers & more in Cedar Rapids, IA

Getting the signal from one place to another requires controllers: Lighting controllers, audio mixers, multi room control, emergency alert notification, multi device control, easy-to-operate touch screens, full size concert lighting and sound desks. We have the right solution for you whether you have full time dedicated operators, or volunteers.

Keep It Simple!

With QSys integration we can make complex installation and distribution systems function with the touch of a button. QSys integration offers light, sound and video control with a touch screen or tablet. Power the system, recall a lighting preset, set your mic level, and so much more with an easy-to-operate touch screen. It can also be integrated into your alarm system to cut production sound and automatically play emergency instructions.

Take Control

Some shows require the hands-on approach. Mixing a live band or creating an extensive lighting cue stack for a musical may require actual consoles. We do that too! Having all your parameters and settings just a knob or fader away so you can make those adjustments or create the perfect effect instantly during the show enables the perfect experience for your audience.

Systems and services include:



  • QSys
  • Ma Lighting
  • Hog
  • ETC
  • Midas
  • Digico
  • Allen & Heath
  • QSC
  • Roland
  • Behringer
  • Design
  • Programing
  • Tuning




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