Let's Get You Equipped With Quality Sound

Sound system installation & more in Cedar Rapids, IA

From a portable PA to a completely installed tour-ready audio system, we’ve done it all. We have all of the hardware and software tools to properly install, set up, and tune any system.

Every venue has problems.

"It’s too loud!" "It’s not loud enough." "The microphone keeps cutting out. "There are hot spots and dead spots all over the place."

There are a lot of problems and even more solutions to every audio situation. The internet tends to be a vast resource of bad or misleading information. Let us help you figure it out. Nothing beats the personal touch of an experienced and qualified technician. After an in-person meeting and some testing of your equipment we can often quickly determine the causes of problems and offer recommendations for resolution.

What Microphone is best for an upright bass?

Finding the appropriate microphone for an application can be a headache, especially when budgets are tight. The same is true of all sound equipment. Application and budget limit what’s available. You’re not alone. We have many years of experience actually using the equipment in live events and recordings so we can offer the best recommendation for your specific application and budget.

Equipment and services include:

  • Sound Desks
  • Microphones
  • Amplifiers
  • DML Technology
  • Line Arrays
  • Point Source Loudspeakers
  • Cabling and reticulation
  • Stands and Hardware
  • Digital I/O
  • DSP
  • Electric Instruments

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